Responsible Jewels

Behind Meraki Fire is an incredible passion for handmade. I offer an honest alternative to mass produced jewellery, carefully designed with locally sourced materials.

One of the first concerns as a jewellery artist is where our materials come from, particularly precious metal and gems, which can be fraught with conflict, violence and human rights abuses. 

For this reason, I choose to source my materials within Australia. Recycled silver is sourced through the Pallion group and/or Morris & Watson. I use clays from a NSW supplier – the wonderful Keanes Ceramics

All metal and clay offcuts are also stored for eventual recycling. First they are kept in respective containers, then once full they are either recycled with Pallion or Morris and Watson (silver) or recycled (clay reclaim) in my own studio practice.

Making ceramic jewellery requires the use of a kiln – which takes energy! However one advantage of making jewellery is that the pieces are small and I can fit a lot in my little kiln. I use mid-fire clays to produce beautifully strong pieces with shorter firing times than stoneware. I use a green energy provider and hope to one day move completely to solar power.

Packaging is another part of the sustainability puzzle. All Meraki Fire jewellery pieces are mounted on FSC recycled card, then presented in recycled paper envelopes or organic cotton pouches. Plastic free packaging is then used to safely nestle each piece.

In all of my designs I’m drawn to natural habitats, so I’m driven to do what I can to protect them in my own small way. I’m a community sponsor for Bush Heritage Australia, and a member of Positive Change for Marine Life. When I go to the beach I collect rubbish to dispose of thoughtfully – the wonderful Take3 encouraged this simple change in behaviour.

Sustainability is an evolving journey at Meraki Fire. Whether that be sourcing materials differently, changing studio practices or finding ways to support the environment. If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear from you!