meraki (v) to do something with soul, creativity or love

Hi, I’m Nicole Redenbach, the designer and maker behind every Meraki Fire jewel. I work from a home studio on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Australia.

Meraki Fire was born from a deep love of the natural environment and my creative explorations with clay – from my first experience, I fell in love with beautiful clay and all the possibilities it presents.

I’m drawn to the feel of this natural material and its meditative nature. I’m also drawn to the alchemy of clay and glaze – both the challenges and the the joy when beauties emerge from my kiln.

I love crafting on a small scale, transforming clay into wearable objects. This spurred me to also study jewellery design and metalsmithing, where a love of Australian sourced, recycled metals, followed.

Inspired by mark making to reflect the tones and textures of our natural surrounds, I work slowly and consciously, creating one off or small batch pieces that carry their own ‘make’ story.

Every design, material and process has been carefully considered. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I’ve enjoyed crafting them for you x


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